About the Author

My name is Anne and I am a writer and blogger living in the great Pacific Northwest.  I write horror, science fiction, and paranormal thrillers with my mother and brother under the pen name, Renna Olsen. As some of you know, I’ve been running my family’s writing and publishing blog, Litzophreniacs3.net, for the last five years. It’s still going strong but I wanted a platform with a little more freedom to focus on my own interests and opinions. I plan on using this blog to post book and movie reviews, author interviews, writing updates, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Anne Headshot

A little bit more about me – I joined the Army right of high school and spent six years enlisted as an Arabic linguist. The Army kindly sent me to college, where I met my future husband, was commissioned as a second lieutenant and earned a degree in Middle Eastern studies.  I followed that up with another six years as a military intelligence officer before I left the military to start a family. I have since spent time as a Department of Defense contractor, a graduate student, and a full time mother of two boys. Oh, and I write!

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