Hunters of Gaia (New Mother Earth #2)

Seven hundred years have passed since humanity left the fatally polluted Earth for the satellite colonies, collectively known as SkyWeb, leaving behind the Guardians, powerful nano-aggregate machines, to return the planet to a habitable condition. But a century ago, the Guardians ceased all communication and hid the Earth beneath a shifting silvery nanite shield. With the SkyWeb infrastructure failing, humanity needs the planet now more than ever.

While intrigue, murder, and battles raging above them, the crew of the Earth exploration ship, the UNSS Persephone, must survive an attack from within and life on Earth below the nanite shield. There will be no help coming from SkyWeb.

On the cusp of war, the Kvara miners on Mars fight to secure their independence from their corporate overlords. The United Nations Secretary General Delphine Prentiss must walk a fine line to both placate the miners and secure the monetary support she needs to keep her position of power.

The fight for Gaia has begun.