The Safe Harbor

Maurice DuMonde and his partner in evil and debauchery, Tobias Finch, have been dead for over a hundred years but the events of one fateful night inside their opulent hotel and bar, The Safe Harbor, still resonate throughout the small town of Riverside, Oregon. Maurice and Tobias, determined to cheat death using the occult arts and a blasphemous grimoire, are discovered in the act of sacrificing a child in a profane rite. A vengeful mob of townsfolk hang the depraved Maurice from the trapdoor behind his bar and consider the events of that night over and best forgotten.
When Annie Olsen, a down-on-her-luck bartender in West Texas, is contacted as the sole surviving heir who inherits The Safe Harbor, she realizes this is a perfect opportunity to leave her cheating boyfriend and make a fresh start. Along with her best friend Lee McDonald, Annie packs her meager belongings and journeys to Oregon to reopen the long deserted but well preserved hotel and bar.
But something besides Annie and her friends is still living in the old building and it’s not friendly. Frightened but undaunted, the comrades set out to solve the mystery of the malevolent presence that haunts the Safe Harbor.