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Artsy Craftsy Projects: Painted Windows

Most people who know me, know I like to get artsy craftsy on a fairly regular basis. I’m preparing to dive into another project, but I thought I would show you some of my previous works. The year before last, I spent painting vintage windows with flowers for installation around my mother’s porch. This project took me the entire year, and I finished seven large windows. By the 6th window, I was so burnt out that I dragged my feet on painting the last two windows. It turned out beautifully.

For this project, I used acrylic glass paints. Because the windows would be seen from both sides, I had to ensure that I layered in the paints in such a way as to create a two-way view. I managed this by using darker paints to outline each flower. I left space between the foliage for sunlight. At the end, I sealed the paints for weather-proofing with clear acrylic spray.

I really enjoyed this project, despite my painting block at the end. It was even more rewarding because I made my Mama happy. The only maintenance I’ve had to do on the paintings since their completion is a few touch-ups where I missed with the acrylic spray, and I had to sand and repaint the window frames.

I don’t have any plans to do another project like this, unless I stumbled into a trove of old windows. Then, I might be tempted. My next crafty endeavor is a glass-on-glass mosaic of a Cardinal Bird. I have a sheet of beautiful crimson glass I’ve been itching to nip.

As for reading, I’m working my way through The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. I’m watching the second season of The Invisible City on Netflix and Call the Midwife and Sanditon on Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), among others.

Thanks for reading. I hope your Spring has kicked off with some sunshine. It’s a mixed bag here in Oregon. Sun one day, snow the next.

Kind regards,