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Book Review: The Dragon’s Legacy by Deborah Wolf

Dragon's Legacy BookThe Dragon’s Legacy

I am very excited for Deborah Wolf, an Army buddy of mine from way back, on the imminent release of the second book in her epic fantasy series, The Forbidden City. The first book in the series, The Dragon’s Legacy, came out this time last year. And man, is it good! Here is my review I posted to Barnes and Noble and Goodreads after reading it.

“This is a fantastic debut from a new author! Her world building is both detailed and lyrical and her characters come to life on the page. True, this book is definitely the setup for later books, but if the promise stays true, it will be a kick-ass series.”

From the back cover of The Dragon’s Legacy:

“In the heart of the singing desert, the people are fading from the world. Mothers bear few live children, the warriors and wardens are hard-pressed to protect those who remain, and the vash’ai—the great cats who have called the people kithren for as long as there have been stories—bond with fewer humans each year. High above, the Sun Dragon sings a song of life and love while far below, the Earth Dragon slumbers as she has since the beginning of time. Her sleep is fitful, and from the darkness of her dreams come whispers of war… and death. 
Sulema is a newly minted warrior of the people and a true Ja’Akari—a daughter of the unforgiving desert. When a mysterious young man appears in her home of Aish Kalumm, she learns that the Dragon King is dying in distant Atualon. As the king fades, so does the magic that sings the Earth Dragon to sleep.
There are those who wish to keep the dragon trapped in endless slumber. Others would tap her power to claim it for their own. And there are those who would have her wake, so they might laugh as the world burns.”

Her new book, The Forbidden City, drops next week on May 15th. Needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting my preordered copy.

From the back cover of The Forbidden City:

“Sulema Ja’Akari is an elite warrior, one of the desert people known as the Zeeranim. She is also the daughter of the Dragon King of Atualon, whose magic is the only thing that prevents the earth dragon from waking. Should the dragon end her sleep, their world will be destroyed.

The Dragon King is dying. As heir to his throne Sulema must be trained to take his place, yet the more she learns, the less she trusts the sinister agendas that surround her. Knowing that her life hangs in the balance, Sulema seeks to return to the Zeera.

Salvation may lie with her mother, Hafsa Azeina, who walks the dark and deadly pathways of the Dreaming Lands. To save her daughter, the dreamshifter will be forced to strike a pact with her greatest enemy, a huntress who would rather kill her than assist her.

Upheaval stretches far beyond Atualon–to the forbidden city of Khanbul where the emperor rules with an iron hand. An elite cadre of rebel conspirators chafes beneath his rule and plots to overthrow him.

Among them is Jian de Allyr, the half-dae prince born of a human mother and a twilight lord. If they are to challenge the emperor in his stronghold, however, Jian and his co-conspirators must secretly raise an army…”

I cannot recommend these books enough, and not just because Deb is a friend. If you are interested in getting your hands on your own copies, you can find her books at most major book retailers, both brick and mortar and online.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out her books, she also has the first book of an urban fantasy series out that is set in the Alaskan outback, called Split Feather, Daughter of the Midnight Sun.  I’ll post a review of Split Feather next time.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I appreciate the support.

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