Book Review: Beware the Boogerman by D. Glenn Casey

2 1/2 out of 5 stars

I picked up Beware the Boogerman (A Cold Shivers Nightmare Book 1) after it popped up on my “Recommended for You” Amazon list. From the description, it ticked all my boxes. I’ve been looking for some lighter reading and I love a good monster story, especially when it involves the sympathetic kind. The plot was intriguing and weird enough to catch my interest. I really wanted to love this book. I still wish I did.

From the book synopsis:

Prattville is where monsters go when they retire …

… and something is killing them.

How do you fight something that scares the scariest monsters?

Something that can shred a goblin, decimate a vampire and put two large trolls in the hospital.

Debbie is the sheriff’s daughter — and a deputy — and his biggest headache. When her best friend goes missing — just like she did twenty years ago — Debbie fears the worst.

She has to find her friend fast, knowing her life depends on it.

This book was a quick read. That said, the writing was simplistic. Characters were not well-fleshed out, and their reactions to revelations (no spoilers here) were sometimes odd, to say the least. The writing style took me out of the narrative too many times and I really didn’t want to finish. But I did finish, and that was because I was still invested enough in the storyline to want to know how it ended. It could have been awesome, but it wasn’t, so I gave it 2 1/2 stars.

We’ve been snowed in here for the past few days, but today, the sun is out, and the ice and snow are melting. I’ve got more reading to catch up on so I’m not in any hurry to get moving. Drink tea, stay warm, and enjoy your weekend!

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