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Summer 2018 Wrap-up

39878849_10156615648969181_4849174109050896384_o (1)My Glass-on-Glass Mosaic Project August 2018

I packed so much into this summer, the only thing I didn’t get to is this blog. I’m sorry about that. I had intended to be a much more frequent blogger than I turned out to be.
I packed in camping trips, family visits, cider pressing, final edits on our latest Renna Olsen manuscript, home improvements, and finished up with a four day glass-on-glass mosaic camping retreat with Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaics Fine Art. Now, it’s the final weekend before school starts, and I think we’re ready.

This coming week, I’m back on my head. I’ll be posting a review of the fantasy novel, Uprooted, by Naomi Novik. I’ll also be getting back to work on my current writing project. You can check out my writing wrap-up on our blog:

As for crafting, this week I’m working on tea cup pin cushions. My mom and I have booked our first craft bazaar for later this year and we’ll be working feverishly to get all our projects done before November.

Thanks for your patience. I promise to do better.

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Mosaic Retreat with Marvelous Mosaics

Mountain Mosaic

My First Mosaic

This weekend, I didn’t get a lot of reading done but that was because I was off to a glass-on-glass mosaic retreat hosted by local mosaic artist, Kory Dollar, of Marvelous Mosaics Fine Art. The retreat took place at the Deer Island Manor Bed and Breakfast, in Deer Island, Oregon. The interesting bit about this is that I actually attended first and second grade at the Deer Island School back in the 1970s, the same building that is now the Manor. Not only did I get to get my art on this weekend, I also got to explore a bit of my childhood at the same time.

Kory has perfected her own technique for creating glass-on-glass mosaics. It has all the beauty of stained glass, but her technique allows you to add in fine detail that would be lost on a typical stained glass piece. I can’t go into her trade secrets here, but if you take one of her classes or attend one of her workshops, she’ll teach you all about it. All you have to bring is your inspiration and Kory will do the rest.

The weekend started with a lecture and sketching our desired designs onto the back of a glass substrate (we had both newly framed glass and repurposed cupboard doors and windows to choose from). I opted for a repurposed cupboard door. I had helpfully pulled a random photo of a mountain stream off of the internet for my inspiration, and with Kory’s guidance, I sketched out my chosen design. The rest of the weekend, we spent cutting and breaking glass, gluing, and bleeding. (You can’t work with broken glass and not get a few nicks and cuts along the way.) On Sunday, for those of us who had finished our designs, we were able to grout our final projects before taking them home. I enjoyed the whole process immensely.

You can find Kory and her artwork on Facebook at:

For additional information on upcoming events and booking information, you can visit her blog at:

For information on Deer Island Manor, you can find them on Facebook at:

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I sure did!

Kind regards,